We talked to executives in Davos about managing uncertainty. Here’s what we learned

Slammed with crisis after crisis, executives are tasked with building resilient organizations and sustainable business models. As part of the World Economic Forum 2022, we invited European digital disruption leaders to talk about uncertainty and share their key insights into managing the unmanageable.


Words by Emily Phillips

Shanghai under lockdown. More than 100 days of war in Ukraine. Continued inflation, signaling a worldwide economic slowdown. And don’t forget the disappearing bugs. What a time to be alive! And what a time to be a CEO: with supply chain disruptions, inflation on the up, geopolitical tensions rising, where are we headed? And how to best prepare?

A call to manage uncertainty

Business leaders are facing increasingly unpredictable and dramatic shifts, seeking to make their companies more resilient and sustainable. If there’s anything that these last 2+ years have shown us, it’s that…

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