The ultimate metaverse metastudy. What are the smartest people in the world thinking?

A look into the different concepts, criticism, hope, and despair. Will today’s dreams turn into reality? And are we talking sweet dreams or rather a huge nightmare?

Marc Zuckerberg clones in Metaverse

Words by: Jan Strmiska

First, a bit of self-promo. On February 17, a conference on business opportunities in the metaverse will take place in Prague as part of the Creative Talks. Five guests from different fields (from AI to mathematics and economics) will try to get to the bottom of the matter. How much of the metaverse is mere hype? And how to prepare for the future? The event is exclusively “physical”, but you can watch the recording later (keep an eye on our YT channel).

Disclaimer: This article is an initial metastudy which includes links to various sources as well as some of the author’s views. It does not express the views of any Creative Talks participant. If you already know a thing or two about the topic, feel free to skip the first two blocks.

What is the metaverse

No, it’s not the thing that Meta/Facebook announced last year. All they did was publicize it. The word “metaverse” comes from Snow Crash, the excellent novel by author and MIT alumn Neal Stephenson. But there’s no clear definition of it yet. Perhaps because so far, it’s merely a mixture of visions, dreams, and futuristic manipulations by the Big Tech companies who see it as the next iteration of the world wide web. We don’t even know for certain that such a thing will come into existence. The basic idea, for now, is that…

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