Startups need to hustle. Just like scientists.

Theoretical physicist Rudolf Krejcar now builds companies instead of particle accelerators. What’s so alluring about the startup life?


Theoretical physicist Rudolf Krejcar. He’s a startapist now.

Words by Jan Strmiska

Rudolf Krejcar has been developing innovative products, bringing them to market, and managing teams at Creative Dock for 7+ years. His latest project is, an online comparison service powered by machine learning. Before Creative Dock, he has managed the LGE Mobile Communication Division at LG and worked on various managing positions at Oskar Mobil/Vodafone Czech Republic. He has an MSc. in Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering from Czech Technical University and a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Université de Paris.

You are a nuclear physicist with a PhD from Paris. What is your field of specialization?

Theoretical physics. The same as Einstein’s. (laughs) A colleague.

Why did you choose building startups here in Prague over working at, say, CERN?

A long time ago, I had a brief encounter with a startup called Oskar. I was the 120th employee of Český mobil, which soon became Oskar Mobil, and now goes under the name of Vodafone Czech Republic. By that time, I had published a few scientific papers and was traveling the world a bit. A friend of mine from a university in France helped me get the job.

The only reason I took it was…

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