Staking a claim in MENA: What acquiring FoundersLane means for Creative Dock

“Corporate venture building is on the rise and it’s the new gold in times of inflation and uncertainty,” says Felix Staeritz, co-founder & CEO of FoundersLane and Creative Dock Group’s new board member.

Words by Matthew T. Jones

From the Roman Empire to California to South Africa, gold rushes have held a legendary status throughout the ages and across continents. In the twenty-first century, the richest strikes are not metal or gold but digital. With the acquisition of FoundersLane, Creative Dock becomes the world’s largest corporate venture builder — and one uniquely positioned to establish a new digital future across the Middle East.

Who is FoundersLane?

Creative Dock has a decade of venture building under its belt, but FoundersLane is no newcomer either and has a long list of impressive clients, e.g. adidas, Allianz, Henkel, Saptco, Trumpf, or Vattenfall. “FoundersLane successfully co-created the venture business category and has a unique entrepreneurial founder’s DNA,” says Martin Pejša, founder and CEO of the Creative Dock Group (GDG).

Founded in 2016 in Berlin, FoundersLane describes itself as…

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