Size does matter. A success story of organic growth — kick-started through acquisitions


Organic growth is great. But it’s time-consuming. And if you want to expand, you can’t invest years just to establish your business in each new market. “We needed to accelerate our growth and impact, to increase our expertise and service portfolio. Rapidly. Such a thing is only possible by well-selected acquisitions,” says Martin Pejša, Creative Dock’s CEO. And it was actually these successful acquisitions that turned his European corporate venture builder into the largest independent player in its category — rivaling the venture-building activities of the “Big Four”.

Starting January 2023, Creative Dock is becoming one entity, with Spark Works, FoundersLane, and IdeaSense adopting the Creative Dock brand, while Rohrbeck Heger stays on as Creative Dock’s sub-brand.

Having grown from a Prague-based startup to an international corporate venture builder in the past 11 years, Creative Dock is currently the place to go if you wish to identify space for innovation and create new revenue through impactful digital ventures. The company’s organic growth reached 100% year-on-year. However, to grow strategically, you need more than a high percentage…

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