Navigating the Multi-crisis Environment and Where AI Fits In


“Societies and businesses around the globe are facing unprecedented challenges and the threat of prolonged difficulties — be they related to war, climate, energy, inflation, etc. But despite these gloomy perspectives, Davos turned into cautious optimism among executives leaders, as the global economic outlook for the year ahead looked better than feared. Large corporations can play a major role in overcoming these hurdles,” Martin Pejsa, founder and executive chairman of corporate venture builder Creative Dock, said at the event hosted by Creative Dock and Roland Berger at the margins of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2023.

Words: Jessica Mok, Photo: Creative Dock

The event hosted by corporate venture builder Creative Dock and Roland Berger at the margins of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2023

Will we miss globalization?

Creative Dock and Roland Berger, a global management consulting firm, hosted their own Davos event for the second time. This year with almost 80 C-suite executives from Europe and MENA, The theme, “How leaders can navigate the current multi-crisis environment and be prepared for different geopolitical and macroeconomic scenarios”, remained. And the evening brought a lot of exciting views not only in the fields of macroeconomics and geopolitics. In his keynote speech, Michael O’Sullivan, Managing Partner at Harvest Innovation Advisory and author of The Levelling, discussed the rise of inflation, the end of globalization, and the shift to a multipolar world.

In his reflection for Forbes, he subsequently highlighted the following from the keynote speech: “Today, more than any other European country, Germany embodies…

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