Look into the Future — it’s worth it! Deploying Strategic Foresight for Your Business in 2023


Views from 3 Experts at Rohrbeck Heger by Creative Dock

In recent years, the world has seen how the market evolved to be more fragmented, and any existing SME or striving business owner must be able to anticipate the best steps to stay ahead of the game. Using strategic foresight enables a company to strike the right balance between the need for short-term results and long-term competitiveness. They can prepare better for future uncertainties with robust strategies. Let’s see a summary of the experts from Rohrbeck Heger by Creative Dock expectations for 2023. Plus, recommendations on which areas to pay more attention.

Words by: Jessica Mok, Photos by: Creative Dock archive

Common Key Insights

Adaptability & Resilience

While sustainability has always been a part of the conversation, the first element that seems to be recurring regardless of the industry is resilience — preparing the business strategy to fight climate change…

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