It’s not a matter of sustainability anymore, but of survival. We discussed energy independence with European experts

Is energy self-sufficiency a responsibility of states, private investors or simply each and every one of us? At the June edition of Creative Talks, four speakers discussed social responsibility, the potential of green energy production and storage in Europe, and whether a future without nuclear power is even possible.

Česká verze je tady.

Words by Michal Schindler

Global climate change and energy independence through sustainable sources are obviously huge topics. But the responsibility for tackling them cannot be placed solely on governments and energy companies. We all share the responsibility. Everyone has an opportunity to do something.” These words from German entrepreneur, mentor and strategic advisor Michael Fehn probably sum up the key message of the debate we held on June 15 in Prague as part of the Creative Talks series.

We focused on the transition to sustainable energy sources as well as …

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