“I had never even googled Czechia.“ How a French marketing student landed an internship in Prague

Words by Viola Černodrinská

What gave you the idea to work at Creative Dock?

I got a tip from Charlie Pimenta, one of my current co-workers in the company. He studied in France at the same university I’m at now. When I was looking for an internship, I remembered he’d told me about the Dock. They were looking for a marketing intern at the time, so I applied and it worked out.

What did Charlie tell you about Creative Dock?

That it’s a very dynamic environment with a lot of energy. He also told me about working on different projects on a daily basis, so that every workday actually looks a little different. I really wanted to try working in a company like this because I’ve always done the opposite — very conservative and quiet environments.

Well, our Prague office is not exactly quiet. There’s always lots of activity and at least five different dogs roaming around…

Oh, yeah. I love dogs. When I want to take a little break during the day, I often go over and pet one of them. It’s awfully nice. They’re all really friendly and make me feel at home. Of course, this also applies to the humans here.

What teams do you work with?

I mainly work alone but sometimes I need help from the in-house marketing agency, Studio, as well as from HR.

“Creative Dock has a very dynamic environment with a lot of energy.”

What does your workday look like?

It’s never the same. Depends on what assignment I get. Perhaps the most important task was to increase the credibility and visibility of Creative Dock in the Western Europe. It was very interesting, because I had to track down a lot of information and work with a lot of different people. They were all eager to help me, even though they were sometimes under time pressure themselves. I also got to work on a script for a commercial. And a few weeks ago, I organized an afterwork rooftop party with Charlie. That was fun!

Are you planning another one?

Oh, yeah. Definitely one more before I leave at the end of July.

Did you know anything about Prague before? Have you been here before?

No. I didn’t know anything. Czech Republic wasn’t a country I’d done any googling on until then. Let’s be real, the French are more interested in London, New York, Barcelona or Madrid. I didn’t start looking up information about Prague until about 2 weeks before my arrival, but at the end of the day, Prague was a nice surprise.

In what way?

I feel much safer here than in Paris. I can go home alone at night and not worry about getting mugged. I also like the fact that there are lots of parks. The location of the Creative Dock office is great. At the beginning of Letná Park with a view of the whole city and the river below, a few hundred meters from another park, Stromovka. And the prices! They are much lower than in France, especially when it comes to alcohol. (laughs)

Juliette and her friends and colleagues at one of her infamous rooftop parties.

How do you spend your free time in Prague?

I love going to thrift shops and discover iconic pieces of clothing. As for the evenings, I like to go to clubs like Chapeau Rouge or Duplex. Or any karaoke club. (laughs) I also enjoy picnics and walks in nature, I always take my camera with me and take pictures of whatever catches my eye.

Is there something you’re missing?

Food, sometimes. I haven’t quite gotten used to the heavier Czech dishes. Although I do like the offerings at the local bakeries. But of course the food’s not that big a deal. I mostly miss my family and friends here.

What are you studying in France, what year are you in?

I am in my second year of Marketing and Business at IUT Techniques de Commercialisation in a small town called Montluçon.

Marketing is quite a promising field, do you already know what direction you will take after graduation?

I want to move away from business towards communication and marketing, which is also something I want to do in the future. I’m still thinking of my dream job but it might be something really creative where I have the freedom to express myself within my work.

Can you imagine working in this type of environment after school?

Definitely. I like the energy, the variety of work and the friendly environment. There are no set hours, you don’t have to be in the office at 9 and leave at 6. As long as you get all your work done, you can leave when you want and you can work from home. I think that’s something that builds trust in your employees over time.

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