Going bigger on smaller screens

About the shift of financial services from desktops to mobile applications or how different it is to build an international mobile bank when you have already built a P2P lending platform. This and much more in an interview with Stanislav Filipcik.

“Fairo was built with an expansion in mind… We’re not talking tens or hundreds of thousands of customers here. We’re talking millions and tens of millions of users.”

As the new COO of Fairo, our European mobile platform, he is responsible for its international growth among other things. This is his second time at Creative Dock. Several years ago, he was a key figure in building Zonky, a P2P lending platform that now exists on the market on its own.

Zonky is something you have built from scratch. What’s it like to leave such a project after 7 years? Obviously, it wasn’t an easy choice, but…

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