Fairo won the IN2 SABRE Awards 2022 for the best use of gamification

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Words by: Jan Strmiska

On 27 May, the most important awards in the PR industry were presented at a gala dinner at The Ham Yard Hotel in London. The finalists were selected by a panel of top industry professionals. Agencies and companies are represented and more than 2,000 projects entered. Fairo took top honors in the Best Use of Gamification category for its Fairo Financial Escape Room project. Here is a link to the website of Provokemedia, the organization that hosts this global event.

Stephanie Strobl from Fairo and Paul Holmes — the Founder & Chair of PRovoke Media, who hosted the PRovoke EMEA 2022 Summit including the IN2 Sabre Awards.
This is the most important global award in the field of public relations.
The winning campaign of the IN2 SABRE Awards for 2022 was created by Fairo. A preview of the animated escape game.

Escape game and roleplay as a business motivator

Fairo Financial Escape Room is a virtual escape room (surprise!) created by Stephanie Strobl from Fairo together with Laura Brady (former Fairo brand manager) and PR agency GOLIN Romania. The aim was to promote the launch of the Fairo brand on the Romanian market in a fun and insider way.

The whole thing worked like a web application where the visitor tries to organize his home office and complete tasks. They actually play themselves (roleplay) and the challenge is to manage their everyday life as a freelancer. They start in a messy environment and the goal is to get their invoices in order, put together their books, find client’s contacts, file tax returns, sort out which invoices belong to the business and which don’t…. And the object of the game was to get a vacation. And whoever finished the game and submitted their email was entered into a drawing for a real vacation.

The idea was to show that if you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, you don’t have to do all these boring tasks, but you can organize these things in the Fairo app.

Oscars? Boring. The IN2 SABRE Award is much more important to us.

What Fairo can do

Actually the same as the functions in the game mentioned above. Invoices, tracking whether they are paid or unpaid, users in each country are then advised which local tax to apply to a particular item, and in some markets Fairo is also linked to the bank. And you can also file your tax return directly from the app.

How will the Fairo service evolve?

The original app was developed for Fairo in Romania and the main expansion of services is now taking place there. The Ukrainian part of the project is currently subdued for logical reasons, so the company is preparing expansion to other European markets.

Fairo's international team is adept at facing challenges. Because of the covid-19 pandemic, they first met live at a meeting in Prague — a few days before the war in Ukraine started.



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