“European economy has a certain DNA to reinvent itself.” Talking future strategies with serial innovator Heinrich Arnold

“As an individual, you can probably survive if you decide to avoid digitalization. But not as a society,” claims Heinrich Arnold drawing upon his experiences as a lifelong innovator. He significantly contributed to turning Berlin and Israel into high-tech hot spots, received an honorary professorship at TU Berlin, and helped build over 70 businesses either as director of research and innovation at Deutsche Telekom AG or as a supervisor and investor.


Words by Jitka Esserová

Creative Dock is growing, our ambition is to make Europe a digital leader and bring our products to a billion people around the world over the next five years. We are also forming a much tighter circle of people who care about digital as much as we do. Entrepreneurs, current and former CEOs of large banks or insurance companies, headhunters, open minds. We call them Pioneers. Gradually, we will be interviewing them on digitalization and other topics that are close to their hearts. Below, read our first interview with innovator Heinrich Arnold.

Heinrich Arnold, a multi-board member, a tech figurehead, and a significant contributor to the emergence of the Berlin and Israel innovation ecosystems.

In various roles, you have helped build more than seventy businesses. What was the impulse to connect with Creative Dock, a company that builds businesses for other businesses, via its Pioneers Circle?

I have been on the advisory board of the Davidson Technology Growth Fund. About 2 or 3 years ago, Creative Dock was testing waters to get growth capital from Davidson capital. And I was asked to have a look at it. I got the sense that Creative Dock might be…

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