Daniel Falque on venture building in Belgium, banking, corporate culture and the importance of distribution

If you happened to come across Daniel’s resume with his name missing, you might think some parents had sketched a perfect career for their child. You can almost hear them advising: “Start from scratch, little boy, as an insurance salesman and credit analyst, and through tireless hard work, you’ll work your way up to board member and CEO of the strongest bank in the country.” Yet, Daniel’s resume isn’t a sketch; it’s a real career.

Words by Jitka Esserová

Creative Dock is growing, our ambition is to make Europe a digital leader and bring our products to a billion people around the world over the next five years. We are also forming a much tighter circle of people who care about digital as much as we do. Entrepreneurs, current and former CEOs of large banks or insurance companies, headhunters, open minds. We call them Pioneers. Gradually, we will be interviewing them on digitalization and other topics that are close to their hearts. Read an interview with another of our pioneers, Daniel Falque.

Creative Dock’s clients are mostly big corporations. As an ex-top executive of some of the biggest companies in Germany and Belgium, how would you assess the willingness to hire an external venture builder to innovate for them?

Generally speaking large businesses in Belgium are quite reluctant to hire external companies for venture building mostly because the concept as such is not widely known. My experience with my former employers — large corporations with sufficient means — is that…

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