CREATIVE TALKS: Stories of people who turned a pandemic into an opportunity

Česká verze zde

Ashort video cut from our talk show. This time from the Expo58 pavilion, where Creative Dock is now located. For the renewed premiere of Creative Talks, we invited guests whose business has been fundamentally changed by covid.
What do you do when your business is based on staffing restaurants and other gastro establishments? Would it still seem like a good idea to teach foreign tourists to seek out Prague’s best pubs and bars? And where can you find support if your therapist has barricaded himself at home and refuses to meet face to face for fear of contagion?

The consequences of a pandemic? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
The consequences of a pandemic? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Chadi El-Moussawi,
For former financier Chadi El-Moussawi, the help of a psychotherapist helped him to cope with his divorce. He then founded, an online psychological counselling platform that also focuses on personal development. In covid, its popularity skyrocketed. How has digitizing the patient-therapist relationship changed the rules of the game?

Zuzana a Jan Valentovi z Taste of Prague.
A husband and wife team who combine tourism and gastronomy. Previously essentially certain areas of business, which however turned into a deadly combination during the covid. Their American target is gone. So they had to completely improvise and start targeting elsewhere. And differently. What can we expect to see in these two sectors in the next few years?

Karel Mařík, Grason
His team originally ran a service that connected restaurants and people looking for flexible work. But then the whole restaurant business collapsed overnight, so they had to change the whole principle of the business. Do they still plan to go back to the original business after the covid? And how will the job market actually work now?

Miroslav Esser, co-founder of Creative Dock
He founded the data team at Creative Dock and is behind all our fintech projects using risk analytics.



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