Creative Dock goes Christmas shopping, buys Swiss innovation company Spark Works for 2.7M EUR

Where is Creative Dock headed and what does its latest acquisition mean for the clients? The companies’ respective CEOs, Martin Pejša and Linda Armbruster answered our questions.

In the picture: Linda Ambruster, CEO, Spark Works; Martin Pejša, CEO, Creative Dock Group.
In the picture: Linda Armbruster, CEO, Spark Works; Martin Pejša, CEO, Creative Dock Group.

Words by Jan Strmiska, photo: SW and CD

Spark Works brings the latest innovative methodologies and an energetic, 10-languages-speaking team to the Creative Dock Group. In just five years, the small consultancy has grown into a leading innovation company with offices in Zurich and London, providing companies with the products and strategies needed to drive innovation from within.

Creative Dock is a venture builder. Using a unique innovation methodology, it creates functional startups that attract customers. It operates in areas like Fintech, Insurtech, Marketplaces, and Sustainability. Creative Dock has a presence in nine European countries, employing more than 400 people.

We asked Martin Pejša, Creative Dock’s CEO

What does Creative Dock mean for you at this point?
A company that builds businesses and products for more than twenty multinational companies across Europe — and we are proud of it.

What can a company like Creative Dock do for multinational corporations?

Companies that are accustomed to flawlessly serving millions of clients usually have an organization tailored to exactly that. But it doesn’t allow them to quickly launch new services, to take the risk of imperfection. We fill this space. We help build and scale new services so that our partners can compete with new digital players or…

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