Can trading your idea on the market show its future success? You bet.

“Only time will tell. We will see. Let’s hope.” Those are the words running through many a managers' head when deciding what innovations their company will invest in. But imagine having a tool that helps you choose which of your services are worth investing in, or which of your innovations are less likely to gain traction. Now imagine that such a thing exists. It’s called Ideapoly® and it is built and run by the European company IdeaSense, now part of Creative Dock Group.

Words: Michal Schindler, Photo:

Ideapoly® is a unique market survey tool using a fictive market environment to check potential success. It’s built and run by a European company IdeaSense, now part of Creative Dock Group.

Predictive power vs. “I would” probability!

You may have noticed that with your family, you are a bit of a different person than you are at work. Similarly, when answering a questionnaire in quantitative research, you will answer questions with a different attitude than…

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