Albert Van Veen: I dream of a world without ID cards, keys, multiple different tickets and passes

It might not be surprising that a man who founded FastID, a service to manage your digital identity, would leave very little track online. Therefore, when doing research, you need to challenge your LinkedIn bubble and one of the suggestions you can get is something like “Don’t forget he has four children and he loves talking about them!” So, starting with a question about childhood and the internet seems just appropriate.

Words by Jitka Esserová

Creative Dock is growing, our ambition is to make Europe a digital leader and bring our products to a billion people around the world over the next five years. We are also forming a much tighter circle of people who care about digital as much as we do. Entrepreneurs, current and former CEOs of large banks or insurance companies, headhunters, open minds. We call them Pioneers. Gradually, we will be interviewing them on digitalization and other topics that are close to their hearts. Read an interview with another of our pioneers, Albert Van Veen.

Albert van Veen is CEO And Chief Digital Officer with a track record in Digital Identity (FastID), Banking (ING, Moneta), Airport (Schiphol) and Transport (TNT).

Most of the people I meet make their living on the internet. But at the same time, the same people often say they are glad they grew up without the internet, in the analogue era. Would you have wanted to have access to the internet as a child?

Absolutely! Those people who say they’re glad for a childhood without the internet are subject to a very common thing: when you look at the past, you generally only remember…

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